Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Course FAQ's:

Including how to book, payment options, details needed for a booking and process after booking.

How much do your courses cost?

It depends on a number of factors including the type of course (scheduled or bespoke), location, number of delegates, length of the course and level of specialism. The cost per delegate for our scheduled courses is shown on the top of the course detail page. For our bespoke courses the cost is variable depending on the number of delegates as indicated on the right hand side of the bespoke course page. Additional costs may apply for onsite training depending on the location.

Do you offer self funding, charity or
educational discounts?

Yes! For all our main scheduled courses in London, Manchester & Glasgow we offer a 15% discount to self-funding delegates, registered charities and educational establishments. This discount structure is not available for bespoke courses. See our promotions page for details of the full range of current special offers.

Do you accept company purchase

Yes bookings can be finalised for payment by invoice with the receipt of your company purchase order or the booking invoice request via our website booking form link. Invoice payment terms are 30 days and this is available for UK Limited companies only.

Can I pay for my booking by
card online?

Booking payment can be made through our website with the unique secure payment page for your booking. Payment can be made online with Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I spread the cost of my

We provide the flexibility for you to split the cost of your training over a number of months allowing you to plan in confidence for your training knowing the cost can be spread over time. See full details of our split payment options on our Promotions page.

Is it possible to take your Masterclass
courses in separate blocks?

Yes these longer courses can be attended in different sections in either 2 or 3 blocks depending on the course giving you the choice to complete in 1 block or split on different dates. All our scheduled Masterclass courses show both dates for the full course and split date options.

Do you have testimonials from clients?

We are proud of the consistently positive feedback we receive from our clients and full details of the most recent comments can be seen on our customer reviews page.

Course Details FAQ's:

Including class sizes, location options, course types, who the trainers are and available exams.

Where do your courses take place?

Our main training centres around the UK are located in London (Farringdon), Manchester (Piccadilly) and Glasgow (Queen Street) where we have modern and accessible classroom training facilities for both scheduled and bespoke course options. Other locations for scheduled courses include Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff and Birmingham. View our locations page for full details on all venues.

Who actually delivers the training

All trainers for our courses are Certified instructors and industry experts with an extensive range of experience in the respective technology both in terms of training and real life project application of the skills. XChange Training are an Authorised training centre for Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Maxon, Quark and Trimble technologies with associated Certified Instructors. The knowledge and experience of our trainers gives you the confidence of high quality official training with recommended content.

How many attendees are on the courses?

Class sizes on our scheduled sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 which ensures each delegate receives suitable focus from the instructor and provides an intimate group setting with the opportunity for delegates to ask plenty of questions often raising topics that others may not have thought of. Bespoke courses are also limited to 6 in our centres but for online or onsite options larger groups can be arranged to suit your requirements however we generally recommend a maximum of 8-10 for these to give time for individual attention for all of your group.

What is the difference between scheduled
and bespoke training?

Scheduled courses are group sessions arranged on set dates at our UK training locations or Online with a mix of individual delegates following a set outline. Bespoke courses are private sessions available for small/large company groups or 1-on-1 individuals and arranged to suit your learning and date/location requirements. For further clarification on details of our course types see our scheduled courses and bespoke courses detail pages.

What qualifications do you offer for
your courses?

Our scheduled Adobe courses include Adobe Certification training to prepare for and take the Adobe Certified Professional exams (ACP) in Adobe Animate, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Courses include introduction through to exam Masterclass or Advanced and exam options. See our Adobe Certification page for more details.

Whats included with my
course booking?

All course bookings for our training locations include up-to-date computer equipment (Mac & PC) with the latest versions of the associated software technology for your use so there is no need to bring your laptop. At our training venues we provide all delegates with lunch and refreshments throughout the day. We also provide notepads, pens, and a full technology reference manual or course notes to take away for post-course use.

What content can I expect to be covered
during a course?

The outlines for our courses are shown on the web page (outline tab) for each course. For scheduled courses the outline is largely the actual content delivered while bespoke courses are more tailored to your requirements often from a base outline starting point.

What are your course times?

All our main scheduled courses are arranged with a start time of 10am and ending around 5pm or shortly before. The daily training times include breaks for refreshments and lunch. Times for online bespoke courses can be adjusted to suit your requirements and different working hours where needed.

Online Course FAQ's:

Including equipment needed to attend remotely, delivery of course online and software requirements.

How does course delivery work for
your online training?

Our online scheduled courses are provided using the meeting platform Zoom where our instructors present the software skills live for the hands on course for you to follow online remotely from your location. You can listen to the instructor and ask any questions you might have but also the instructor is able to view your screen and take control remotely where appropriate to provide you support during the session. For full details on our online courses see our online courses page.

What equipment do I need to attend an
online course?

To attend an online course you will require the following:

  • Computer with the software installed for your chosen course
  • Ideally a separate screen or device for the shared video display
  • Sound via output computer or headset
  • Ideally a camera and microphone on the computer for remote contact

What software do I need to have
installed for the training?

You will need either the full licence or trial version of the application in question for the course to be installed on your computer along with the Zoom application although this can be auto installed when joining the course meeting providing your have install rights on the computer. For certain courses where there is no specific application such as web coding courses a range can be used but we will provide details on these in advance of each session.

How will I access example files for
use during the course?

Course files are used for most courses as example to use on your computer during the sessions and links to these will be provided to you in advance of the session to download.

Can I take my ACP Exam remotely?

Yes ACP Examinations and ACP Advanced and ACP Masterclass courses are all able to be taken remotely online.

Are reading materials available after I
attend an online course?

Upon completion of our online scheduled training courses we can arrange the delivery of the reading materials to your requested postal address.

Bespoke & Onsite Course FAQ's:

Including tailored content, location options and what dates are available.

Can you tailor course contents to
my requirements?

Yes our bespoke courses are arranged for groups or individuals and the plan for the course content is discussed in advance of the course and tailored to suit any workflow requirements. Course content is often a variation of a base course outline to include requirements for a mixture of levels, refresher content or specific areas of focus but can also be a fully tailored session based on specialist areas or project criteria.

What are the available dates for
bespoke courses?

All our bespoke courses are planned for dates based around your training requirements and location preference. With these specifics clarified we will propose available dates with late flexibility in particular for online and onsite options due to limits on centre classrooms in the schedule.

Can you provide bespoke courses
remotely online?

Yes we can provide bespoke courses tailored to your requirements remotely online connecting to a group or individual for the course using Zoom or Teams.

Are you able to deliver training
onsite at my premises?

Yes onsite training is available for any of our bespoke courses anywhere throughout the UK and Europe. Bespoke onsite courses save on time and hassle of travel especially for multiple delegates and the training is aimed at the specifics of your workflow setup.

What setup do we need for onsite

For onsite training you will need to provide a suitable training room and computers or laptops for each delegate to use for the duration of the course. The appropriate software (licence or trial version) needs to be installed on each delegate machine for the course. A display monitor or projector will also be required for our trainer to present from. If available, a whiteboard or flip-chart would be beneficial.

Are there extra costs for onsite training?

The core cost of onsite training is identical to training at our training centres however in some cases additional expenses will apply for our trainer attending your premises. Expenses will depend on the course specifics and onsite location but will be always be clarified with you in advance of your booking.

Post Course FAQ's:

Including support, certificate, feedback, reference material.

Is post course support available?

Absolutely! We offer 6 months post-course support to all delegates attending our courses and if you have problems or need assistance relating to anything covered during your course we will be happy to assist you. Post course support queries can be sent to

Do I receive a certificate upon
completion of my training?

Yes you will receive an official XCT e-Certificate at the end of each course you attend with us confirming the course name, level and completion success. Those passing the Adobe ACP exams will also receive an official Certificate for the ACP qualification and access to the associated Adobe badge.

How to you monitor feedback from

In order to maintain the highest quality of course delivery we ask each delegate to provide feedback at the end of their course with ratings on a number of areas of satisfaction.

Are post course materials available?

We encourage attendees to bring a USB stick for our scheduled courses to enable copies of relevant example files to be taken away after the course. For most of our courses we also we provide class attendees with a quality reference manual to use a for post course.

Terms & Covid FAQ's:

Including changes to bookings, cancellations and Covid-19 measures.

Can I switch delegates on an
existing booking?

Yes a swap of delegates attending can be done at any time ahead of the course just provide 2 days notice to update the schedule and course setup arrangements.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yes we can move your booking to a later session without charge providing you give us 10 days notice. See our terms page for full details.

What is your cancellation policy?

If for whatever reason you decide to cancel or reschedule your course we have sliding scale cancellation policy depending on the notice provided. Bookings can be rescheduled without any charge provided notice 10 days ahead of the course start date. Cancellations within the same timeframe are provided with a full refund or switch to another booking. Full details can be seen on terms & conditions page.

What Covid-19 measures are in place for
training in your centres?

Our classes are operating with greatly reduced numbers both improving the training focus for delegates but also enabling us to keep delegates socially distanced and we also have protective screens between delegates. Our centres have increased cleaning schedules and hand sanitiser is readily available.

Will I need to wear a mask during
my course?

No this is not a requirement as our classrooms are set up with suitably reduced numbers, distancing between delegates and protective screens fitting in with compliance that masks in addition to these measures are not necessary.

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